Zegul Arrow Play MV PE

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About Arrow Play MV PE

Arrow Play MV PE is a renewed PE kayak with slightly raised deck for more comfort and room in the cockpit. Play MV PE is a performance sea kayak with excellent maneuvering and playing capabilities. 

The hull has significant rocker and high volume in the bow to avoid diving when riding down the wave. The midsection has a slightly rounded profile making it very smooth form edge to edge. This combined with the hard chines make the Play MV PE a joy to paddle whether you enjoy the rough stuff or just want a sea kayak that responds instantly to your moves.

The deck line outfitting is practical and the overhang in the bow has been lowered and extended. The beauty of this kayak is the versatility – it fits wide range of paddlers in almost all skill levels. It is stable without sacrificing maneuverability and it has good amount of speed.


Material PE
Länge 517 cm (17”)
Breite 53,5 cm (21”)
Kapazität 150 kg (331 lbs)
Cockpit 81 × 41,5 cm (31½” × 16¼”)
Höhe 33 cm (13'')
Gewicht PE 27 kg (59 lbs)
Stauraum: VORNE Runde Luke 24 cm (10”)
Stauraum: HINTEN Ovale Luke 44x26 cm (17”x10¼’’)
Stauraum: TAGESLUKE Runde Luke 20 cm (8”)
STAURAUM: Mini-box Runde Luke 15 cm (6”)
Steuer/skeg Skeg
Einsatzzweck Seekajak / Touring
Spritzdecke L: 87,5 × 51,5 cm (34½” × 20½”)

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