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About Easy

As the name suggests, Zegul Easy is extremely easy to handle, as it is well maneuverable and stable due to its length and width. This makes the kayak suitable for a wide range of activities from day touring to fishing. Zegul Easy is compact and efficient, suitable for all sorts of paddlers. It has a well-balanced hull, so that the rudder is only needed for longer trips. Unique design makes it very fast for its length. The size of the kayak makes it easy to handle outside of water and a bigger cockpit allows easy entry into the kayak.

For this year, Zegul Easy is also available in our newest Flax fiber version. The Zegul Flax lay-up is a special construction that uses flax fibre fabric combined with glass multiaxial fabric and the material has similar features to carbon material in terms of strengths and damping. The flax fiber construction is finished with a clear coated gel coat which means the beautiful material will be completely visible on the kayak.

The Zegul Easy is equipped with a SmartTrack rudder. Zegul Easy is available in A-CORE, Full Carbon and Flax fiber versions.


Länge 395 cm (12´9”)
Breite 67 cm (26¼”)
Kapazität 150 kg (330 lbs)
Cockpit 105 × 54 cm (41” × 21”)
Gewicht A-Core 22-23 kg (48-51 lbs)
Gewicht 3D C-Core 18-19 kg (39-42 lbs)
Gewicht Full Carbon 16-17 kg (35-38lbs)
Stauraum: HINTEN 24 cm (10″)
Einsatzzweck Seekajak / Touring
Spritzdecke 3XL: 106.5 x 56 cm (42" x 22")

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  • A-CORE


    Zegul kayaks full carbon lay-up