Zegul Saga

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About Saga

Saga kayaks are fast, efficient and a joy to paddle. Saga features a shallow V-shaped hull which ensures fast acceleration, speed, and a nice balance between maneuverability and tracking. It suits for a wide range of kayakers with different skill levels. Saga can handle a variety of paddling conditions on the ocean and is equipped with three hatches and spacious storage compartments for all the equipment you may need. Saga is an excellent choice for exercise and longer expeditions.

The Saga series kayaks are equipped with the SmartTrack rudder system and a retractable skeg.



Länge 505 cm (16’7”)
Breite 54 cm (21¼”)
Kapazität 130 kg (287 Ibs)
Cockpit 80x42 cm (31½”x16½’’)
Gewicht A-Core 23 kg (51 lbs)
Stauraum: VORNE round hatch 24 cm (10”)
Stauraum: HINTEN oval hatch 44x26 cm (17”x10¼’’)
STAURAUM: Mini-box 15 cm (6")
Einsatzzweck Seekajak / Touring
Spritzdecke L: 87.5 X 51.5 CM (34½" X 20½")

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Standard features

  • Rudder/Skeg