Zegul Torpedo

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About Torpedo

Zegul Torpedo is designed to be sporty and fast tandem kayak. This kayak is ideal for training or to compete in marathons. It has good sea manners, a generous carrying capacity and the ability to really go fast. With sleek and efficient shape the Torpedo is focused on paddlers that want to cover miles. Zegul Torpedo has one round front hatch and one oval rear hatch that can fit all your gear. For small items there are two miniboxes.
The Zegul Torpedo is equipped with SmartTrack rudder. Zegul Torpedo available in A-CORE.


Länge 675 cm (22’1″)
Breite 58,5 cm (23″)
Kapazität 210 kg (463 lbs)
Cockpit 82,5 x 42 cm (32½” x 16½”)
Gewicht A-Core 35 kg (78 lbs)
Stauraum: VORNE 24 cm (10”)
Stauraum: HINTEN 44 x 26 cm (17″ x 10¼”)
Stauraum: TAGESLUKE 20 cm (8″)
STAURAUM: Mini-box 2 x 15 cm (6″)
Steuer/skeg Steuer
Einsatzzweck Zweierkajak
Spritzdecke L: 87.5 x 51.5 cm (34½" x 20½")

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Standard features

  • Rudder